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Aghori vasiyam

For the first time the vasiyam techniques of aghoris are being taught and practiced in chennai. and this vasiyam in chennai it may be the first of its kind

to solve all problems in life and to lead an happy life

A simple mantra to solve husband and wife problems
1. light a ghee lamp
2. recite the moola mantra 108 times morning 6 am and evening 6 pm
3. Your conflicts will vanish within some days if done with complete faith in god.
moola mantra
om lkleem lakleem mama pursha /barya mama vasiya vasiya akarshaya swaha ..
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For kerala mantrikam

For all your mantrik requirements
vasiyam , ill effects removal
spell reversal,
business development
love and relationship development
husband wife relationship deevelopment

to lead an happy life
to remove stress

Specialities : ( Can remove eval billi suniyam within 1 hour )

For business development yantras and
other black magik related services
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Versus from Atharavana Veda

Versus from Atharavana Veda

The vedas first part consists of
A prayer to Vāchaspati for divine illumination and help.

1Now may Vāchaspati assign to me the strength and powers of
Who, wearing every shape and form, the triple seven, are
wandering round.
2Come thou again, Vāchaspati, come with divine intelligence.
Vasoshpati, repose thou here. In me be Knowledge, yea, in me.
3Here, even here, spread sheltering arms like the two bow-ends
strained with cord.
This let Vāchaspati confirm. In me be Knowledge, yea, in me.
4Vāchaspati hath been invoked: may he invite us in reply.
May we adhere to Sacred Lore. Never may I be reft thereof.

A charm against dysentery

1We know the father of the shaft, Parjanya, liberal nourisher,
Know well his mother: Prithivī, Earth with her manifold
2Do thou, O Bowstring, bend thyself around us: make my body
Firm in thy strength drive far away malignities and hateful
3When, closely clinging round the wood, the bowstring sings
triumph to the swift and whizzing arrow,
Indra, ward off from us the shaft, the missile.
4As in its flight the arrow's point hangs between earth and
So stand this Munja grass between ailment and dysenteric ill!
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About vasiyam and voo doo

About vasiyam and voo doo

Voodoo Witchcraft comes from the African continent and is extremely lethal. In recent years it has spread to other parts of the world and is mixed with other forms of black magic to harm and kill.
L ', dressed hair, nails and photos are used in a doll that appears to be the victim, the heart area of ​​the doll is kept open for the final ritual. A ritual is performed and the heart is extracted from a living animal, while the body is vibrating and placed in the central area of ​​the doll, at this point the doll is infused with life connecting the doll with the victim with an invisible mental agreement.

Once the doll and the victim are connected, 2-3 inch needles are pushed into the doll in the acupuncture points are specific to the fracture energy of the victim. If the pins are pushed into the doll the victim feels like a needle is pierced into his body. The victim may be located thousands of miles away and directly experience the attacks. If the victim was made to eat food and / or water that consists of "Masan (Ash of the Dead) infused with negatively charged energy of the black magician, the effects are life threatening and gives unlimited control for victims Mind and body beverages. The main objective of the black magician to destroy the immune system of their victim.

In the case of a man's head and the temple, the thumbs and big toes are designed to break the immune system. In the case of women, breast and private parts are attacked to terrorize and harm the victim. The individual may be killed using this technique in just 28 days (a lunar cycle). If the individual physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong it becomes very difficult for the attacker to kill the victim within a specified period and the attacks can continue for years until the victim or the black magician dies.

Right now many forms of black magic are all used throughout the world, the problem increases with a horrible speed and governments are not interested in looking at the problem and make laws for magicians blacks to penalties. In recent years, research has been covered up to the Stony Brook Medical College, New York. United States and concluded that Voodoo witchcraft can kill people.

90% of Vietnam is dominated by the practice of black magic and parts of Asia, including India, China, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are the areas where the science of black magic is spreading like wildfire. To the west: America, Mexico and parts of South America, England, Eastern Europe and Africa are some of the areas in which witchcraft and black magic Voodoo is on the rise.

Here are some of the effects can be experienced at the physical level, while a victim of witchcraft, Voodoo: In Voodoo the effects are not gradual but start immediately and the intensity of these attacks to increase to higher levels, depending on the weakness of the ' individual.

Waking up with a jerk and in fear within moments one falls into the first stage of sleep.
A dark or gray smoke is seen before his eyes when he wakes up.
A dark skin and turns with the passage of time seems to dark shades of black.
Stinging pain in various parts of the body.
Shooting shooting pain in the language and an alarm clock with extreme pain, with a bubble on the tongue.
Burning of palms as they are on fire
Lips and other body parts swell in the spur of the moment for no medical reason.
Constant Fatigue / Low Energy
Extreme mood swings and negative thoughts that can lead to suicide
Stools / contraction or body parts
feeling of ants crawling on the body or body parts vibrate
Heaviness / seal around the body or body parts
In severe cases, where the spirits have taken control of the house where the individual lives, one can experience dripping plasma from the walls, unusual activities of insects and other strange phenomenon that is inexplicable and unrealistic. Some of the unusual activity is visible only to the victims.
Whether it's witchcraft, black magic or voodoo effets be trampled on and around the full moon and the Dark Moon Nights

If the attacks continue the victim is broken at many levels, and is bed ridden and eventually dies without an apparent medical reason. The doctor can not help because the symptoms mislead physicians to give each treatment stronger every day and one day the body gives up.


The activity of the spirit starts exactly 72 hours before the dark moon and full moon. If you are a victim, his condition will worsen around these periods. It will help you keep a log of events around these periods. Please check the dates for the full moon and dark moon nights are listed below.
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Advanced Vasiyam affected ( including witchcraft)

( Increased activity when during full moon)
Advanced VAsiyam and Black Magic or Spirit Activity
dream of dead bodies and horrible looking people who want to kill you in your dream
dream of snakes and contaminated areas
Waking up suddenly in fear with shortness of breath
Dreams of falling from above
Dreams of snakes, scorpions and spiders
see blacks or points of smoke flying up
The stomach bloats like a pregnant woman's belly and the area just above the navel and strengthened when touched feels like a golf ball is there
Keeping and heaviness specially in shoulders and chest
extreme hunger in case entities have taken over your body
Your dark complexion
A dark or gray smoke is seen before his eyes when he wakes up.
Itching, burning and stinging pain in various parts of the body
Where is that black Serious Magic to kill you, you will find that your path will Crows left to right during the trip or who would cross from left to right, fly over you, sometimes it would be a piece of meat on a cross or other solid fuels in its beak.

final stages of the possession of the Spirit / Black Magic with very little recovery time
Cancer of blood or other body parts
Shrinking and malfunctioning of kidneys
Alcohol abuse causes damage to the liver
Substance Abuse
Heart attacks result in sudden death
The drugs do not work baffling doctors: the medical treatments resulting in strong
suicide attempts or thoughts of self-destruction

Additional symptoms that affect women only
Bruising (blackish and bluish) signs around, vagina, thighs and arms or other body parts
Rape in dreams by spirits with an orgasm that is truly
Irritation in the vagina with vaginal discharge / vaginal discharge
total cessation of menstruation, irregular menstruation, painful periods, dark blood
unable to think of this as a result of mental blocks when the woman is sterile for life
obstructions in the fallopian tubes and / or incapable of pregnancy results in miscarriage account
unexplained seizures
Extreme fear and anxiety
Emotional High's and Low

Additional symptoms that relate to spiritual people
Your interest in the divine consciousness takes a dive, you lose interest in your prayers and meditations.
Body shakes like a pemdulum when trying to meditate or pray
It has attracted the impure desires like homosexuality, the non-vegetarian food, sex and other vices
Your Kundalini Shakti is active when the kundalini worked before.

In severe cases, demons, devils or evil entities have taken possession of the person's body, the individual may commit suicide or a murderessjavascript:void(0). Sudden violent behavior is very visible in these individuals.
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Symptoms OF vasiyam and blackmagic affected(Initial stage)

Symptoms OF vasiyam and blackmagic affected(Initial stage)

the initial stages of possible Black Magic or Spirit Activity
Disturbed sleep
Fatigue and lack of energy for life from day to day
You Fear
Disregard for life
You are angry for no reason
You get angry for no reason
Severe depression
dry mouth at night
increased thirst
Obesity, in some cases
sudden chills and goose bumps
Sealing around body parts
You start to forget things in the spur of the moment and memory loss experience
Access to the dream world is blocked: I do not remember dreams upon waking
Your professional career suffers
irrational behavior of people towards you.
Blocks the flow of money
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All Vashikaran Mantras here!!!!!

After viewing almost all the pages in this forum and other sites on the internet i've found following vashikaran/sammohan mantras. But, I don't know which amongst these are working or are tested and how they can be used to accomplish the goals. Choose one at your own discretion. Any expert advice is welcomed on these : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- VASHI KARAN MANTRAS (1) Vashi Karan Mantra(Use of Supari) Supari (Used in betel) should be infused 108 times with this mantra. Whosoever is offered this supari and eats it, will be under your control. It is best to take sweet supari packets duly infused and kept with you for use. Mantra "Om Dev namo Hrarye tha tha Swaha" (2) Use of fruits The mantra shoud be recited ten thousand times to attain siddhi. After than take any good fruit and infuse it with mantra 108 times. Whosoever will take the fruit will remain under your control. Mantra "Om Hareeng Mohini Swaha" (3) Use of water Rise early in the morning and after your ablutions purify the water with 7 mantras and with the name of the person required to be brought under your control. Drink this water. Repeat for 21 days. The person concerned will be under your control. Mantra "Om Chimi chimi Swaha" This mantra too can be used to control the enemy. Procure 7 red chillies with branch. Light a fire. Recite the above mantra adding name of the enemy before the word "Swaha" and put one chilly in the fire. Repeat 7 times for 11 or 21 days. For enemy this should be started on Tuesday or Saturday. (4) Mohammadan mantra Mantra "Eena etevena shetan meri shakal ban Amuk ke pas jana oose mere pass lana rahi to turi Bahan, par teen san tee talag" Stand naked on the wrong side of the cot, take Gur in your hand and recite 121 times. Keep Gur under the cot and sleep during the night. In the morning, the Gur should be distributed among the boys. Replace the name of the lady in place of word Amuk in the mantra. The lady will approach within 7 days. (5) To control husband Ladies can use this mantra to control their husbands who have gone astray, those who do not cooperate and are our of control. This mantra too can be used to control enemies, opponents, superiors and others. Mantra "Om namo maharyakshaya Mam Pati me Vashya kuru kuru Swaha" Recite the mantra 108 times duly performing Homa. the articels used in such mantra must be infused with recitation 7 times with above mantra and given to the husband to eat to control him. (6) Kam Gayatri Mantra This Kam gayatri mantra is most effective. Mantra "Om Manohhavay Vidahe Kandpye demahi Tantra Kama Parchodyat" Recite this mantra 1.25 lacs times to attain siddhi and to appease Kam Devta. After that use this mantra for any lady who will be infatuated and remain satisfied under your control. (7) Kamakhya Vashi Karan Mantra A most effective mantra . This mantra is be recited one lakh times for siddhi. Replace the name of the lady or person instead of word Amuk in mantra. Mantra "Om Namo Kamakshi Devi Aamuki me Vansham Kuru Kuru Swaha" After attaining siddhi of this mantra use any of the following methods and articels etc., which can be exorcised 108 times by the above mantra and the desired results are obtained. (a) Take out dust from all nails of the hands, feet and nose on sunday. Exorcise and then give to lady or any person to eat in bettel leaf. (b) Make a powder of Kakjanga, Kesar, Mausli and Tagar. Exorcise 108 times with above mantra. Preserve the powder and put on the forehead of the the lady or any person who will become in infatuated with you. (c) Procure on sunday flowers, leaves root, trunk and branch of black datura tree or plant. Mix in them kesar, Camphor and Gorochan. Make a powder of all. Exorcise the same 108 times. Put Tilak on the forehead and go before the lady or any person, who will be subjected to Vashi Karan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- JAI GURUDEV Mantra: Aim For controlling the mind of someone else. The knowledge of tantra is never complete without the knowledge of Shathhkarm, i.e.; Shanti, Vashikaran, Stambhan, Vidweshan, Uchchatan and Maran. Just reciting the Beej Mantra won't accomplish any of the above; but, will surely create a favourable environment for you. ######################### Beej Mantras are single character mantras which are as capable as any bigger mantra. Sankrit is called the language of gods because every character of Devnagari, current script for Sanskrit, is a Beej Mantra. Beej Mantras are free from all restriction; there are no rules, no rosary or yantra is required and no diksha is necessary. And best of all, these can be recited mentally anywhere while doing anything. To recite mentally, I imagine to be hearing the mantra again and again in my own voice. Beej Mantras are available for each deity or god, thus have solution for any situation. The best example of their power is the Bhuvaneshwari Mahavidya Mantra -'Hreem' which is a Beej Mantra. The method is simple. Pick a Beej Mantra of your liking or based on the situation, and recite it as much as you can till the problem is solved. You can do it in office, in gym, in restaurent and even while sleeping. ######################### Good Luck... --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, This mantra diksha was given in jodhpur - siddhashram on 10th march, 2009 Effect - Vashikaran + Hypnotism Om sha samohanaeye vasham aanye om fat Recite - 2 malla everyday for 41 days continous. Take sankalp before doing this. Throw the rossary in flowing river. This works 100%. Regards, Dhiraj Bhura +91 9769375561 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- even several of mantras for vashikaran but what i am going to tell u that is absolute payog of vashikaran. but be careful never misuse it . it's invented by Ravan and even bhrama protect the person but it will be sure that person will atract if u perform sadhana with full of plerome. chant 10,000 time mantra with Moonga mala, wear red cloths, UDDISH GUTIKA place on red cloth. || om namo bhagvate uddaamareeshwaraay mohay mohay mili mili thah that || while u chanting the mantra picture of person to whom u want to attrect place in front of u. and ogal it with full of love. after comlition of sdhana gutika tie with photo & put in yuor personal box. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my humble opinion, there can be no greater power for vashikarana or accomplishment of desires than Mahaavisnu, therefore if Lord Krsna does not accomplish a desire, other means will not help. Also i believe that Lord Jesus is an avataara of Visnu, so you may address Jesus too. To address Lord Krsna, i suggest this form: Ooom! Qr,s,na Qr,s,na Mahaajogin Vaqtaanaam Avaja~qara Gowinda Paramaananda Sarwam Me Wazam Aanaja. For how to pronounce, please see my signature. If you use it for one year or maybe less, this mantra will definitely work even if you eat meat, but then you shall suffer the adverse karma from meat eating together with the benefits from the mantra. Cattle meat may be eaten only from sacrificed animals that have not given milk for 3 years, according to the Veda. I have used the mantra while i ate meat on days except designated as fasts, and still i had a woman. When i stopped the mantra (because my woman could not tolerate hearing the name of shrii Krsna even whispered!), then she felt frigid for me and left me. I have used Shiva's mantras and Devi mantras for years - no use, i got nothing but loss. There r 2 possibilities: Shaaiva and Shaakta mantras are not powerful, or there is someone who did not allow Shiva or Devi to bring good results. In my opinion, the latter is true: Shiva and his Consort are really powerful, but there is someone more powerful who did not allow them to give good results. To sum up, if Mahaavisnu's name does not bring the result for you, nothing will bring it. This is my opinion. Visnu shows his power by granting desires, but also by rejecting desires. If you have found that there is any name more powerful than Mahaavisnu's or his avataaraas', please write here, we should not be kept in such ignorance. __________________________________________________ ____________----- kaam gayatri mantra || om kaam devaay vidmahe puspbannaay dheemahi tanno anang pracodayat || before u have to perform ast kaamdev pujan chant 5 round of this mantra on any friday . vashikaran mantra|| om hreem amukam mam vasya vasya sammohanaay hreem om || its method will explain later. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- u can try this one.chant it with sammohan mala and sammohan vashikaran yantra.11 rosaries on friday. mantra -: om sudarshanaya vidmahe mahajwaalaya dheemahi tannaschakra prachodayath. this is a very fruitful mantra.if gurudev has said this then it cant be false.keep faith and perseverence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE FIRST ONE IS: OM SHAM SAMOHANAY SHAM NAMAH THE SECOND MANTRA IS OM HREEM OMKUM (REPLACE OMKUM WITH PARTNERS NAME) MAMA VASHIAYA SAMOHA NAIYA HREEM NAMAH --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last month only Gurudev has given shaktipaat diksha called Sampoorn Charachar Sammohan Vashikarn Diksha. The mantra is - Om Sham Shambhavaay sam sammohanaay poorn charachar vashikaran sham sam om phat swaha It gives results in 21 days (upper time limit). 5 malas daily on moonga or sphatik for 21 days preferably late night. After that daily havan (of at least 1 mala)of til and ghee would consolidate the gains. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aum HRIM, amuk, vasham-karaay, kuroo-kuroo-svaahaa Call the person's name in the place where "amuk" is written. Repeat the mantra at 11 times. You can do this 1 or 3 times a day. When you repeat you have to intensely visualize that you are keeping this person under your control and see his or her face in your visualization. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is a mantra called Swamvara parvati mantra that is ment for developing terrific attraction and vasikaran power. You can find it in a postiing in the forum: Ammachi, by Sesha M.D. Mantripragada. I am cuting and pasting from that post for your convenience. .................................................. ........................... 1) PARVATHI SWAYAMVARA MANTRA Similar to the Gayathri Mantra, which is made up of 24 letters, this mantra is very powerful, made up of 48 letters. Mantras are sacred. Hence these should be mastered only with the help of a Guru. This is most important as correct pronunciation of each word counts a lot in attaining the desired benefit. Those who cant recite with clarity should propitiate with the help of learned Brahmin scholars. Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasamakarsha Akarshaya Swaha / This mantra should be recited 108 times daily for 18 days or 24 days or 48 days depending upon the seriousness of the situation. "O Thou who art always in Union with the Lord, Master of Yoga, Terrible of Form Heart of all that is living and nonliving, Please give me the power of attraction and fascination, O Noble One"! 2)Another mantra from posting of Sudershan Joshi on 16- 6-2004 in forum Mantra Tantra vijnana OM! namo sarvaloka vasikaraya kuru kuru swaha.Repeat it 1900000 times.Try to be vegeterian. 3) Yet another one: From posting of rajkumar_v3, on 21-10-2004, in forum Mantra Tantra Vijnana. Vashikaran mantras are many and each god and goddess have the power to exert their own powers to attract. The mantra for Ganesh vashikaran mantra is Om aim hreem shreem kleem gloum gum ganapataye vara varada sarva janam me vashamaanaya swaha. Similarly instead of sarvajam, u can use any individuals name u may desire to attract. Never misuse this mantra. Try to sanctify this mantra by reciting for 100008 times and then repeat it daily 108 times with Ganesh yantra in front of you and do puja by offering flowers and wheat grass and offering incense and fragrances. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Akarshan Mantra =>Aakarshay Mahadevi Ram Mam Priyam Hey Tripure Devdeveshi Tubhyam Dasyami Yanchitam Which word do I replace with the name of the person I want to attract to me in the Akarshan mantra I have posted above? Is it the word Ram or Mam that I replace the name of the person within the Akarshan mantra? How many times do I need to chant this mantra to see the successful sidhi I need to achieve my goal with this mantra? Do I chant it for 40 days for a 108 times a day will that be enough to manifest my goal in attracting the specific person I have in mind. I will use this mantra no matter what so please don't even think of detering me cause I used the Vashikaran mantra with sweet success and I was very responsible in chanting it with care. I know these mantras are use to attract situations and specific person you want to attract in your life. I already know that, I just need to know how to use it correctly. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which one to choose is solely upto you, so choose wisely. I would also sincerely request senior members to put some light on above so that novice can perform these sincerely. Oh Almighty GOD plz guide all human souls to eternity n divinity.... God Bless ALL!! Om Namah Shivay!
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